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So maybe im tired, maybe im bored, maybe im putting off finishing my SIC presentation. Either way, Chime and me were talking about WAP sites, and i decided to download WinWap which lets you browse wap sites. In case you are behind times, WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol and is used by cellphones and handhelds to browse sites. Anyway, getting to the good stuff.. it took me all of 3 minutes to end up on some WAP porn sites. Enjoy :)


Im off to eat pancakes and work on a tech presentation, lata!


your gf
06:46 PM on 03.20.03

how not surprising....

12:25 AM on 03.24.03

nice site. we have the same name. i've got another site as well, aside from the tv one. i linked it here. thats all :)

12:25 AM on 03.24.03

bah, didnt work. http://dirt.snotrocket.org

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