Textual Intercourse

Posted on 10.17.03. Tagged with All

Taylor: are you happy?
Mark: what kinda question is that?

Chirag: my eyes were literally ctrl+f'ed for 'taylor' match word

Mark: 110010010010010011101001001000100101
Mark: (that's 26,997,115,154)
Taylor: omg you didn't just do that

Steph: I saw the boob!

Taylor: stewie shoulda been your governor
Serena: fer sheez

Serena: read miceal chriton, and watched family guy. and thats it
Serena: and called megan and talked to you
Serena: that is my entire day
Serena: in its entirety

Taylor: family guy is SO agg
Serena: dork

Serena: first night in the apt i stayed alone, and i was watching that shit stoned and crying
Taylor: as long as it was the first land before time. the sequels sucked

Taylor: im watching the cubs and marlins
Mark: football?

Serena: you do know how to stroke a girl

Spencer: i just got stuck in my apartment buildings elevator
Spencer: the fire department had to use the jaws of life to get me out

Taylor: me and BSOD were big pals
Steph: lol

Alex Ocello: I didnt know the marlins had any actual real fans

Steph: soda break, it hurts but i want it
Taylor: could you be any more sexually explicit
Steph: i could, but it seems like i dnt have to try

Taylor: well according to the internet it would take like $100,000 worth of jello to fill a pool, but im sure body paint wouldn't be that expensive
Pauli: if you have body paint, i'm down

Taylor: creamsicle is one word anyway :P


09:41 AM on 10.17.03

The first land before time is cool, the second sucked ass.

That is all.

11:30 AM on 10.17.03

I don't get it. Im scared.

02:05 PM on 10.17.03

Uhm...uhm...Taylor made those all up. Yeah. Football...duh, I *know* it's hockey.

12:04 AM on 10.18.03

I have ears.

02:10 AM on 10.18.03

thanks... :)

02:35 PM on 10.18.03


11:04 PM on 10.21.03

can i just say that "textual intercourse" is the best title for a blog entry, ever?