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I am awake because there is a chance a client might call. I am also incredibly tired from staying up till 5am. I have a test in my internet class today (12:50) so I thought it would be a good idea to get up and go over some of the slides. At 3pm-ish Jee and I are leaving to Orlando to go chill at some shops, possibly eat at House of Blues (because I got a 20% off coupon) and then see Brand New and Hot Rod Circuit :) !!! Two great bands that make me jump for joy. I lucked out and got buy 1 get 1 free tickets on ticketmaster.com yesterday (some special HOB promotion on Tuesdays) but the sad thing is, after ticketmaster handling fees, taxes, tariffs, licenses, my $12 ticket was suddenly $21. Gotta love those monopolies and their long term economic profits eh?

I was too tired to go see Appleseed Cast last night, and I just recieved my fruit juice extractor so I decided to buy $50 worth of fruit instead, stay home, and make some juice. It's really good, and I think I might make some more before I leave today. First thing I actually bought through Amazon (besides textbooks through half.com). It was a $150 machine that I got for $30 refurbished :D I also bought a used The Fisher King DVD for 8.99. Such a fantastic, feel good, hopeless romantic, funny movie. Robin Williams is in it so it had to be good, you should go watch it. Since I'm on a roll, im going to continue with all the goodies I have bought lately. 2 days ago I bought the Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer from Bestbuy. It's a pretty sweet mouse, and I'm enjoying not being tied down by those itchy usb cables. I also bought some standard CD-R's and some of those mini CD-R's that can only fit 200mb. I'm going to use them to send clients a backup copy of their website once its complete :) I'm also expecting an armband for my Nike Rio PSAplay60 mp3 player via ebay anyday now. Talk about money burning a hole in my pocket eh?

I'm going to audioblog tonight. What does that mean? See where it says audioblog on the top right? If you click (or right click and save) the part that says "Voicemonkey Message" you will hear my voice message. Then you click on the {0} part you can comment on that specific entry. So if you see one that says {2} that means there is 2 comments on that voice message. Get it?


06:23 PM on 11.05.03

man, i thinki sound like a total dork when i listne to my own voice, like on a vidoe or something :/ forget that audio blog crap!

07:58 PM on 11.05.03

So, I haven't seen your comments on "North." Assuming you got it, of course (and assuming that you haven't actually said anything about it and I completely missed it). I mean, what with you having tickets to go see a show, I would figure you would have at least found a copy of their new CD... Well, I love it a lot..except for Only Ashes, which will have to grow on me first.

How come Group Hug, under the Respected thing, is all wibbly?

Wibbly- (Adj): 1. State of being for Group Hug's link


PS - Damn you..I don't have tickets for their show...

09:27 AM on 11.06.03

you didnt voice monkey...

02:48 PM on 11.06.03

dude, i suck. I'll audblog it up on the phone on the drive home. no seriously, i feel bad.

02:02 AM on 11.07.03

hey cool site you have here!! i love you buttons its so cool!

09:17 PM on 06.19.07

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