Wigga, please.

Posted on 11.08.03. Tagged with All

Taylor: whats that hip hop song
Taylor: uh ohhhhhhh uh ohhhhhh
Taylor: clap clap clap
Taylor: uh ohhhh uh ohhhhhhhh
Taylor: more clapping
Maureen: lumadee
Maureen: i will never leave
Taylor: w00t

Also, I'd like to take this time to see if anyone else puts off getting out of bed to continue dreams? I slept about 5 hours longer than I had intended yesterday and about 2 hours longer today because I would purposely doze back off to continue my dream. Last night I dreamt that I almost met Conor from Bright Eyes (because I listened to his music for like 3 hours last night).


10:52 PM on 11.08.03

I do that, someone always wakes me up and ruins everything though. Bloody dingos.

12:52 AM on 11.09.03

Aye, I do that, and if I can't sleep I lie there and make up the rest of the story myself

06:52 AM on 11.09.03

I love scary dreams. They're so interesting. I hate it when people wake me up during them. Heh.

01:35 PM on 11.09.03

The beginning of that post was pretty cool. There arent many people who would get that song =P

04:35 PM on 11.09.03

What are you saying Tony? As the post went on did it get un-cool? huh? huh? Theres just no pleasing some people.

10:30 PM on 11.09.03

Oh come on taylor. you please me long time.

er, yeah.
more.. more better

04:52 AM on 11.10.03

Yeh, do that too. But what's worse is when you need sleep for school but keep on dreaming about stuff like css. Grrr, that happened to me last night. I think I will continue this in my blog....

05:14 AM on 11.10.03

Was just reading Taylor's blog and thought I'd tell you about my weird dream....... Read more in Crazy Dreams »

01:40 PM on 11.10.03

Was just reading about Taylor's dream and thought I'd tell you about my weird one last night....... Read more in Crazy Dreams »

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