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Posted on 11.18.03. Tagged with All
  • Today I stayed up till 7am and then slept till noon.
  • I went to a porn shop @ 3am instead of sleeping
  • I took a nap from 6-9pm and then stayed up till 5am blogging :P
  • I had a nice sit down dinner @ 11pm
  • Well, if you call 4 people eating macaroni & cheese a nice sit down dinner
  • Not having any clean clothes really doesn't phase me.
  • I don't dress up, or even shower for class.
  • I wear shower sandals because I am afraid of what is clogging up our shower.
  • This weekend I sobered up with Taco Bell at 4am, and there was a line.
  • I slept with 2 other people on friday night. No not that, like, really slept.
  • I dropped my Tuesday class so I only go to class Mon, Wed, and Thursdays now.
  • I installed AIM on my rm's computer for the first time in his life today.
  • I ordered pizza at 4am this past weekend.
  • I think almost every TA I've ever had was an idiot
  • I like to take a shower every 12 hours or so.
  • I did dishes for the first time in 3 weeks today
  • Sometimes I'll sleep instead of eat because it's easier

ps. I customized the MT Search today, so go search for something (lower right side). If you are confused as to why there is no "Search" Button, just type in your query and press enter.


06:21 PM on 11.18.03

Hey. I want to start a shoutcast server. I dont know why, I just do.

Also, I cant get that LDAP server working. so sad =[


08:01 PM on 11.18.03

You can order pizza at 4am there? I'm jealous as hell. You have a very productive life, Taylor!

08:19 PM on 11.18.03

You will go into full detail about the SoCo concert, right? Pleeeeeeease? I envy you so much right now.


11:34 PM on 11.18.03

I feel very motherly towards you right now Tay, I want to come wash your clothes, make you real food (including green leafy stuff) and then use your fast net connection while you sleep during the day.

12:44 AM on 11.19.03

You can come do that for me kitta.

And you can even use my fast connection when Im awake.

im soo hungry =[

03:23 PM on 11.19.03

Sounds healthy. Sure wish I was having a zany college experience like you. :P

09:48 PM on 11.23.03

Beats callin' an askin' how yer doin', eh?

04:58 AM on 11.25.03

Lies, they are all lies. I actually go to sleep at 10pm, wake up at 6am, study till noon, go to class, eat lunch, study some more, go excercise, study some more, eat dinner, and go to sleep. Yes, that is my day.

07:26 AM on 11.25.03

So I proly shouldn't mention that I didn't even go to sleep last night eh?

03:51 PM on 11.25.03

And that is why you are on the computer an hour and two minutes before you are supposed to be awake, right?

02:03 PM on 06.20.07

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