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Posted on 11.23.03. Tagged with All

In the last few days I have been making many, many changes to my blog.

If you are one of my beloved commentors, you will notice I finally spruced it up with some css, so alas, there are still a total of zero images actually in my php file ;) You will also notice that each comment has a permalink now, thanks to The Girlie Matter's Permalink Code.

I already call the top of each page with a php include, but had to include a seperate menu list for each page (so I could I give each page an "active" class respective of what page it is). Effectively this meant that when I wanted to change a menu item, I had to go through every page. Well thanks to Photo Matt's Intelligent Menu wizardry, I put the same menu list on every page and it magically figures out which item to put the active class on. Very, very nice. Thanks Matt.

Next, thanks to Mark Pilgrim's MT Templates, I finally put together a respectable archives page. You will notice there are many more entries than there are listed in the category part, but I am slowly moving through, rereading every entry, and categorizing accordingly.

I also improved my Referral tracking with Mark's Search Script (that filters out search engine referrals) and is an add-on to Textism's Refer. Then I went one step further and added the Technorati Plugin thanks to Kalsey's easy Instructions.

Because it was rather easy to implement, since I used Mark's templates as a guideline, I constructed a quick 'n easy Mobile Edition of my blog containing the last 5 entries. Great for use with and PDA and Avantgo

And finally something useful for all of you web designers. Not only do you have the ability to have IE 5, 5.5 and 6 on your computer but you can now see what your site looks like on a Mac running OSX and Safari 1.1 for FREE. Check out the snap of my site, and go load your own. Hurry, I have a feeling it wont be free forever.

POLL: What should I add to my sidebar?


10:28 AM on 11.23.03

uping the use of html eh? lol, hehe. adore ya taylor, even though I haven't been here in fucking ages =x

12:44 PM on 11.24.03 damn

04:14 AM on 11.25.03

You're very welcome. I think you might like WordPress as well if you tried it out.

04:51 AM on 11.25.03

Ebony: Yo whats up! It has been awhile, nice to see you around :)

Wendy: Is that good? I hope so :X

Matt: Heh, tryin to push your product ;) I just switched from Nucleus to Movable Type, I highly doubt I'm ready for another blog move (and conversion) so soon. The biggest reason I moved was the abundance of cool MT toys/hacks that are available. But hey, thanks for offering :)

Blade: That movie you linkpooled was great!

05:09 AM on 11.25.03

Oh yeah, I'm not blogging again until I get atleast 30 votes on my poll. So vote dammit.

06:48 AM on 11.25.03

Hell YAH thats good--thats better than, etc. get!!

10:38 AM on 11.25.03

Luck has granted me a wish!

SoCo is coming to my hometown! The problem is, the place where they are currently scheduled (with RX Bandits [whose music I've never heard], Mae [I've never even heard OF them], and Days Away [the same as Mae]), is too small! Oh, the dilemma...


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