Concert, I cant wait.

Posted on 12.07.03. Tagged with All

I'm going to the concert I previously mentioned tomorrow. I cant wait. I've been drinking lots of water these last few hours because I know its going to take alot out of me. Doors open at 10am, music starts at 11, and it doesn't end till 9pm. Then I have to drive back to school! I simply cannot wait.

I found out I won't be going to Mexico to see my stepdad, mom, and sister this Christmas because it's too expensive. :( So if anybody has any extra plane tickets down south let me know. Otherwise it won't be too shabby, I'll be spending it with all the McKnight's.

Blorgy is a great site to showcase specific, note-worthy blog entries. Check it out.

I love beautiful blogs like these and tacoweapon's redesign.

ps. Check out Mark's lovely short clip: Merry Offensive Christmas G'nite!


01:02 PM on 12.07.03

Aw, I'm sorry. I thought you had a thing for sailors, that's all.

Just think of it as a special Any Farther song, brought back from beyond the grave.

My foot is soaking wet because I accidentally stepped in an ice puddle.

01:13 PM on 12.07.03

Thank You for such a huge complement!

01:14 PM on 12.07.03

Just so you know the server my site (and a few others) was on was hacked. Rich is trying to get everything back, but there's a chance it might be deleted. :(

It's like watching your house burn down. A really cool house that was xhtml valid and just had wordpress working perfect. I am siteless Tay. :(

Ok, after re-reading all that it sounds lame, but i'm sure you'd understand the pain I'm going through more than anyone else.

I hope your concert is full of fun and hot topless girls (girls do that in the pits at the BDO here). ;)

04:14 PM on 12.07.03

does this mean i get to be in the hipnite portfolio now, or were you just humouring me?