Everybody bans Taylor...

Posted on 01.06.04. Tagged with , All

Hello and welcome to tonight's episode of "Everybody bans Taylor."

Right now you witness me doing something that the serial blogger George Taylor McKnight would gladly kill babies for. Mr. McKnight is currently behind the firewalls erected by his webhost Lypha.com, unable to satisfy his perpetual lust of pinging his own domains. Yes you heard it right. The man you all so lovingly call 'Tay', has become deliriously addicted to this website and now finds himself helpless behind digital barriers because of his repetitive attempts to splurge on this innocent website late at nights and sometimes even during the early morning hours when normal humans like us sleep in peace.

I considered him a serried ally till he himself notified me of his current situation, that his own host had banned him from accessing his own 'blog. My first thoughts were, something must be wrong here. Certainly Taylor is a man of admirable principles and would do nothing to jeopardize his access to something so dear to him. And that's when it hit me - Taylor had previously confessed of his perversions openly and in his quest for the perfect 'fun-time' had begun to seduce unsuspecting victims into his indiscreet world of vile music and wide-eyed hypocrisy.

Having broken off all connections with him, I hereby request the online community to lend me their support and eradicate Mr. George Taylor McKnight from our beloved internet. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ok guys I'm just farking with you all. Turns out due to some stupid spam blocking rules on Lypha's firewall, all IP addresses from Taylor's subnet (i.e. most of UFL computers) have been banned from accessing this site. If your IP address is 128.227.x.x then you are most certainly not reading this from your dorm/lab PC. Oh and if somehow you are, you may want to let Tay know about it - might help him gain access back to this site.

Right now Taylor is on AIM dying to know what I wrote and quite possibly cursing himself loudly for giving me a full-admin account on his MT. I guess this'll teach him not to trust foreigners :)


12:09 AM on 01.06.04

quality :D

01:07 AM on 01.07.04

Dude! I knew it was b/c of a firewall, but no you didn't believe me. Damn. I'm so fucken smart

02:22 AM on 01.07.04

I have this image in my head of tay scratching at a firewall trying to get to his site, which he knows is on the other side. Hehe.

03:07 AM on 01.07.04

Oh my, sorry to you Tay.
Hop on a SOCKS Proxy or a bouncer or a WinGate or etc. and get back to us. Quite some nerve you're showing there, giving away admin rights and all. Good luck!

09:59 AM on 01.07.04

That's great. Poor bastard.

The wigga please entry is the funniest thing I've ever heard. Erm, read.