The Bloggies!

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I don't even want to get into how long this took me, but I thought it would be cool to visually show everyone my choices for the Bloggies. The Bloggies are awards given out to weblog owners every year (now in its 4th year). Remember you can make nominations for the BLOGGIES up till 10pm on January 12th, so go do it! (Feel free to adapt my own choices)

Best Memes: Steal These Buttons, Link Sidebars (including Linkpool) and the ever popular CSS Redesigns that made the rounds this year.

Best Article or Essay about weblogs

Best Weblog Directory (or update monitor)

Best Web Application for Weblogs

Best Australian (or New Zealand) Weblog

Best European Weblog

Best British or Irish Weblog

Best Canadian Weblog

Best American Weblog

Best Photography of a weblog

Best Non Weblog content of a Weblog Site

Best Programming of a Weblog Site

Best Web Development Weblog

Best Computers/Tech Weblog

Best Topical Weblog (name topic)

Most Humorous Weblog

Best Group Weblog

Best Community Weblog (where anyone can post)

Best Designed Weblog

Best Kept Secret Weblog

Best New Weblog (Began in 2003)

Life Achievement Award

Weblog of the Year

I left out best tagline, best political blog, best music blog, best african blog, best latin blog, best asian blog, and best GLBT blog because I couldn't find enough blogs to nominate or dont really read enough of those types of blogs. I used url2png to take the screenshots and then resized them all in Photoshop. Feel free to let me know what you think and who you would nominate!

Edit: I had to take Mark and Russell off of the lifetime award because they hadn't been blogging since Oct 2000. Doh!


11:16 AM on 01.11.04

Aw, my site is so much uglier than everything else. Sigh. :(

Man, you put a lot of effort into this, Tay.

12:05 PM on 01.11.04

Wow, not that I have any chance of winning anything, but if you were the judge and only voter I might have to take you out for some drinks my man! Must be because we both go to florida schools.

And why the hell has no one every showed me the url2png? Will definitely be used for CSSVault v2.

12:40 PM on 01.11.04

Mark: Actually I really enjoy your sites design, you do well with the whole shinyplasticbranding.

Scrives: You'll definitely win something :) Your blog has been a true asset to me (and im sure many, many others) this year. Keep up the fantastic work, and looking forward to seeing CSSvault v2! Speaking of Florida, I dont know about down there, but its beginning to feel like the North Pole up here. Brrrrr.

12:57 PM on 01.11.04

Yeah, yesterday it was ridiculously cold. My little brother had a soccer game so I had to stand outside in the wind. Thought I was going to die man. It's not like we are wimps or anything down here in Florida, we just know what we like.

01:06 PM on 01.11.04

Haha so true. What's even sadder is I used to go to high school up in Chicago, and could go out in the snow without a jacket and be fine, then I come back down here (I was born and mostly raised here) and all my adaptation is gone.

04:59 PM on 01.11.04


Awesome blog today! I can tell that you spent alot of time on that! Great job as always! But..I have a bone to pick with your selections. I think should be on the list!!!

Love your site man. Keep it up!

05:18 PM on 01.11.04

I could never have the patience to do this post. Kudos to you.

06:46 PM on 01.11.04

Y'all down there in Canada Minor (you know how many Canadians head to Florida for the winter? it's sick!) must have a lot of time on your hands! That must have taken forever and a day to put together.. just for that, you've inspired me to go and vote for some of them.

08:59 PM on 01.11.04

Wow.. You read a lot of blogs, man. That's too much for me. With the exception of those on my friends list at Livejournal, yours is the only blog-like site I read.

09:00 PM on 01.11.04

Taylor McKnight has posted an impressive set of screenshots showing his nominations for the Fourth Annual Weblog Awards, a.k.a. The Bloggies. Very nice work indeed, and an interesting selection of weblogs. I nominated my favorites a few days ago,... Read more in The Bloggies »

11:55 PM on 01.11.04

Tay, you seem to have too much time on your hands! :)
Great work, honestly. I am really surprised I am listed. Thanks. Hope you get some recognition with Linkpool and Steal these buttons.

Scrivs: Man, you so deserve to win!!

04:54 AM on 01.12.04

Very impressive, I now know what you've been up to the last few days. ;)

I can't really remember what sites I voted for. I know I voted for you, Mark and Dunstan ( though.

07:29 AM on 01.12.04

If there weren't people like Taylor around, busy ones like me would always miss out the fun. This year's Bloggies (quite a known award for blogs) are given out at the end of January and Tay has invested quite some... Read more in Bloggies »

10:31 AM on 01.12.04

I'm curious as to what you guys consider ridiculously cold. It's been at least -20 for the last week here.

12:26 PM on 01.12.04

Jay: Thanks man. No chance in hell, but thanks. Having people say those kind of words me more to me anyways (man that was cheesy, but true).

Matt Burris
07:20 PM on 01.12.04

Fantastic post, and while I've been visiting most of the blogs that you've listed, some of them I haven't heard of. Good job, and I agree with your choices.

I'm based near Gainesville too (small town called Interlachen), and the weather has been ridiculous. It was nice for a while there, especially around Christmas time, but it has gotten mucky and freezing lately. Go Gators! :D

11:51 PM on 01.12.04

I voted for kitta, mark, and your, linkpool, STB, and.. something else. I dont remember what.

05:54 AM on 01.13.04

Hi there,
About that link on Kitta's site for the free subscription to Rolling Stone for a that genuine or is there a catch? And can it be ordered for Australian postal addresses?

08:41 AM on 01.13.04

Taylor McKnight posted the complete set of screenshots showing his nominations for this year's Bloggies. Great work! And many thanks... Read more in Shooting the nominees »
08:43 AM on 01.13.04

Taylor McKnight posted the complete set of screenshots showing his nominations for this year's Bloggies. Great work! And many thanks... Read more in Shooting the nominees »

11:28 AM on 01.13.04

I assume its just for US addresses. Maybe I shouldn't post those anymore, I got way too many people who were like whoa is that real taylor? is it? i dunno people, lets say it isnt, you'll be in the same position you were before, so its worth a shot. I am not a 'dealz' expert, just a messenger :)

Cameron Adams
08:02 AM on 01.14.04

I think I'll start writing my acceptance speech:

"Ahem ... I think, in retrospect, it was an obvious choice ..."

No, seriously, thanks for the nomination Mr. McKnight. No chance in hell of winning, but thanks anyway :o]

And Scrivs ... you are SO going to win something.

P.S. Damn you url2png, you murder my site! (lucky it's small so you can't really tell)

12:49 PM on 01.14.04

I think you have a pretty decent chance of winning, actually :)

And yeah, url2png screwed up a few sites, but it disliked yours the most i think, hehe.

02:44 PM on 01.15.04

I don't know, it looks like url2png butchered Hicks just as bad if not worse. Maybe I should have saved the Zeldman critique until after the deadline :) Damn politics. Haha, just kidding, like I said I don't think I have enough readers or enough people who find my site that "innovative" for any awards, but that wasn't the purpose anyways. But if I did win something....