MT 3.1 and sIFR

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Movable Type 3.1 came out today. Why am I so excited? Well, the biggest drawback you'd hear from all those sell-outs is that the pages aren't dynamic like those alternatives Nucleus and Wordpress. With this latest release you get the *best* of both worlds. It let's you pick which pages you want static and which you want dynamic! That means you can keep pages like your index static (to keep that server load on the dl), but convert all those archive pages to dynamic (to keep those rebuild times on the dl). Sure there are other things like subcategories and post scheduling but being able to pick which pages you want created and which you want yanked out of a sql db makes me want to squeal.

As if that isn't enough, Mike Davidson just releasted scalable Inman Flash Replacement. He basically dropkicked Shaun's technique into being able to handle multiple lines, and dynamically fit all the text into the desired space. What's that really mean? Well, only that it has become even easier, and more reliable to replace elements with ANY FONT YOU WANT, even if it's not on the end user's computer. More options, more possiblities. Should come in handy when working on the new UF Virtual Tour.

God loves the web, and so do I.

Update: Maybe I'll reconsider upgrading anytime soon after reading Jay Neversmile's and Keith Robinson's experiences with MT 3.1


07:20 PM on 09.01.04

My real big qualm with Movable type is its licensing scheme. I guess I'm just so much fonder of Open Source CMSes (even though I use the Blogger/Atom API on my site, most everything off my site is built off of open source). Thats my two cents on MT

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