SXSW Recap (Part 1)

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I saw XIU XIU Friday night with Lisa. They were cool, and I especially appreciated the avant garde sounds they would add in songs by doing such crazy things as playing the drum stand (instead of the drum), shoving a mic into a bowl of beads, using bicycle bells, and letting a tiny metal vibrator shake around in a tin can. Even if you arent *crazy* about his music, its a great live show. Then I went and had a drink with my cousin who lives in Austin. We talked about my concern of supporting myself completely in a few months and how I am a bit nervous about it. She is my age but has been supporting herself for a few years now and she reassured me that it is a transition everyone makes.

Saturday the conference started. First let me say how awesome the Hampton is. Free breakfast, free happy hour, free internet, and a bigggg ol' room. The people staying in the Hilton are getting shafted (and paying more) with no breakfast or free inet, so any future SXSW'ers def stay here. It is a 3 minute walk to the convention center.

The panels were great (mostly), and while I know everyone and their mother will regurgitate some kind of notes from them, I'm not going to trouble myself with that. Instead I will name drop like I'm trying to get backstage. I met (and talked to) Kevin Smith, Sam Felder, Rex Hammock, Jeffrey Zeldman, Dave Shea, Jason Santa Maria, Dan Cederholm, Will Pate, Simon Willison, Curt Cloninger, Dunstan Orchard, Sergio Villarreal, D. Keith Robinson, Molly Holzschlag, Ethan Marcotte, Scott Kidder, Steve Chipman, Nick Finck, and other people who I can't recall atm.

I'm sitting here blogging because I was too tired to stand up in the back of Eric Meyer's talk on semantics, that and I don't think hes the best lecturer. But maybe it's just because I'm tired...


01:29 PM on 03.13.05

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05:06 PM on 03.13.05

i'm glad you enjoyed the show. for a sec there i couldn't tell if you were havin' fun or just like wishing you had never told me you were coming to austin lol.

as far as sxsw, man.. it sounds like you really got a lot accomplished while you were down here. only a handful of those people even sound vaguely familiar.. just shows how much I know about standards-based web design.

so yeah, sorry vince and i bugged you last night, we just figured you might still be up for a drink or something.. there's a chance i'll be sticking around austin one more night before goin' home, and if so, i'll msg you.

05:21 PM on 03.13.05

hey T! Good to hear things are going well. Hope to hear more. All the kitties (esp Thomas the Eating Machine) say "Yo...burp!"

06:23 PM on 03.13.05

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I don't think anyone in the whole damn place was as enthused to see Jamie as I. The venue and show was perfect. I only wished to have heard a song he didn't play. Outside of that, I had an amazing time. If you ever get around to putting the pics on your computer, please email them to me. You can send them here: Thanks in advance. I'll credit you for taking them if you do manage to send them. Adios.

07:33 PM on 03.13.05

haha.. apparently both andy and i are "glad you enjoyed the show".. man, andy.. couldn't you have come up with -sorta- different words?? you'll have to excuse him :-P

06:13 PM on 03.14.05

Tried that Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA today. VERY NICE! looking for ward to another one. I have two for you here. One is "Carrabassett Winter Ale (from Portland, ME) and the other is "Yellowstone Valley Brewing's Renegade Red Ale" (Billings, MT). I think you will like them.

03:11 PM on 03.17.05

i'm totally supporting your threadless-ness.

how much money do you get when someone buys four shirts? enough, i hope

Jeremy Keith
05:42 PM on 03.17.05

Hey Taylor, I never got the chance to say goodbye to you before I headed back across the pond. I just wanted to say that it was an absolute pleasure meeting you.

Let's do it again in 2006.

02:08 AM on 03.18.05

Jeph: I think its like 3 bucks for every shirt you order, so thanks!!!

JK: The pleasure was all mine, great talking with you. Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit when I get over there.
04:13 PM on 10.05.05

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09:33 AM on 04.29.07

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