Wendy's Cups Are The New Pudding

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Wendys LogoReminiscent of the man who converted $3,150 worth of pudding into 1.2 million airline miles, comes Wendy's latest promotion promoting free travel with cup 'coupons'. I think this could come out quite worthwhile. Guess where I am headed tonight?

Here's the deal:
From November 1st to December 31st, each specially marked 20 and 32 ounce cups at Wendys has an AirTran Flight Coupon (ATFC) on them. Wendys Cups Clip them (limit 128 coupons per person/account), mail them, and make sure they are received by 2/13/06 and you could get the following:

16 ATFC = One-way Business Class upgrade
32 ATFC = OW coach ticket
64 ATFC = OW Business Class ticket

64 ATFC = Roundtrip coach ticket
128 AFTC = RT Business Class ticket

128 AFTC = RT coach ticket on another airline (contiguous 48 US states)

Wendy's 20 ounce soda cups run $1.29 after tax. 64 cups x 1.29 = $82.56

Lets say you use your coupons on a normally $200 flight. They are basically giving you $3.13 for every coupon. Of course if you are more creative (i.e. dumpster diving, begging, or bribing) and the cups aren't costing you anything you could find yourself flying cross country for dirt cheap. In addition, it is company policy to give you a new cup everytime you go get a refill, so be sure to use that to your advantage as well.

According to MIT's Airline Ticket Tax Project, taxes (some or all of which you will have to pay) for your average $250 US roundtrip flight comes out to be about $50, and would be higher for overseas flights. So keep that in mind.

Also the limit that one person can redeem is 128 AFTCs, so you can either get 2 round trip coach tickets or 1 round trip Business Class ticket. Of course if you could transfer points to different accounts then you could accumulate more, though I'm not sure if this is possible.

More details:


02:06 AM on 11.02.05

damnit! why you tell the whole world! we got competition now! everyone watch out, im a man on a mission.

09:06 AM on 11.03.05

Well the good thing about this is that it's not a collecting game.. where you have to have the specific pieces and only one piece of a type exists. this is just a free-for-all get-as-many-as-you-can deal. the only setback to everyone knowing is longer lines.. maybe going in the mornings or late nights might alleviate some of the crowds.

thanks for letting us know about this, taylor! i would go to wendy's on a semi-frequent basis, so i guess i'm gunna start collecting. i probably won't follow through with the entire thing, though.. i mean, 64 cups of soda? i'll probably just send you whatever coupons i get at the end if i haven't reached anything worthwhile.

09:34 AM on 11.03.05
The Author

Sounds good to me Lis :)

I'm working in a team of three and we have almost 30 cups so far.

03:14 PM on 11.03.05

actually.. i might try to start my own team myself. i've been considering flying out to GA to visit kevin while he's in military training. this just might be my opportunity :-) if you're a few cups short, though, just let me know.

10:13 AM on 11.04.05
The Author

Well that was fun. I bought 200 cups today. I'm done ;-)

12:47 PM on 11.04.05

Is there a limit to how many you can buy at one time?

02:41 PM on 11.04.05
The Author

I've read on some boards that they are only letting you buy 5 at a time, but some managers acknowledge that it is silly to ring up 40 transactions.

06:00 PM on 11.05.05
The Author

I've also read on slickdeals that airtran only charges you $5 for the 9/11 fee (much less than the $50 i estimated, making this even awesome-r)

12:46 PM on 11.06.05

Thanks for the info! We're going to try to buy as many as we can here, but living on the Outer Banks, NC we only have one Wendy's within 30 miles, so we may be outta luck! What's the deal with having to be some kind of A+ member??

03:41 PM on 11.06.05
The Author

You just have to sign up for a free account. A+ is just what they call their frequent flier progrem. G'luck!

09:12 PM on 11.14.05

How do you know what wendy's is holding the deals or not? Because near my college campus they are not doing this.

09:13 PM on 11.14.05

How did you buy 200 Cups in one Day....

08:43 PM on 11.18.05

Does anyone know which Wendy's? Because it seems the ones in my area don't know anything about it.

12:51 PM on 12.06.05

Some Wendy's refuse to participate, and refused to sell me 5 drinks...because "I was there the day before and ordered 5". Silly, I know, but some of Wendy's management team dosen't understand how the promotoin works. They didn't even have a copy of the rules on premises.

08:01 PM on 12.11.05

We just collected 27 in one sitting at Wendy's! We stopped folks from ditching their cups, took them from the top of full cans and cruised the parking lot after lunch. Hit the Wendy's at lunchtime and you can get the pick of the litter from the garbage cans since they don't have the staff to empty them until the rush is over. I went to one Wendy's and told the manager straight up that I was collecting cups from the cans and she planted 8 on my table that she pulled from the trash! Sweet! Heck, I might just ask if I can go dumpster diving after hours if I don't wreck the place. #1 rule is to dress nice. We went after church - me with a tie on, nice slacks and my wife in a dress and we cleaned house. :) (Remember - HAVE NO SHAME!)

02:18 PM on 10.01.07

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