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It's December! That means Christmas time and gifts are coming. I don't know about you, but I don't like to go outside at all, ever. So this guide is meant to help you do all your holiday shopping online, without lifting a foot. Save gas! Fight Terrorism! Viva la internets!



David Lanham's Art Prints are really creative, fun drawings perfect for any big kids office cube.


Iconize Me is a cool service where you send in your money and a photo and somebody draws a charicature of you. Perfect for use on a website.



Boynq D-Light Lamp is a tiny USB powered lamp that any college kid could appreciate.


Fred Cell Phone Reciever lets you go old school with the new school. The other ones I've seen are like $50-100.



The Ring Thing lets you open bottles with the flick of a finger.


Tempo Time Tags are micro time tellers that you can clip on anywhere.



Take Out Lamp looks like your favorite week old midnight snack, but will really light you up.


Volcoino is the coolest way to let your change pile up.


Magnetic Pocket Strips are a great way to store things next to your desk and clear the clutter.


Faucet Light makes washing fun! You could also just leave the water running all night for a night light.


Word Sprout is a magic bean that grows to display "I <3 You". Watch as your love grows and dies!


Control Tape Extreme Style Strips are like these fresh breath strips but in hair gel form.


Blik Wall Graphics are removable wall decals to give a room some extra pizazz. Get some just for the holidays or year-round.

$2+ is chock full of hand made soaps, creams, toothpaste and all kinds of girly stuff that you can't find anywhere else. Takes Bath and Body Works up a notch.


Nuscup Wet/Dry Measuring Scoop will impress the chef in your life.



Astronaut Ice Cream used to be the fad of the early 90's. I thought the stuff was pretty tasty.



Box Bands are four way rubber bands that are great for holding books or boxes together. Package of 6 available in 3 different sizes.


Staple-less Stapler will make all your problems float away


Baller Pens have a hidden piece of paper for handy notes or *gasp* cheating on tests. Encourage those little rebels.


USB Power Pack lets you charge up USB devices (like your ipod, pda, or cell phone) with 4 AA batteries. Check out Axshop for USB adapters.

$12's Printed CD-Rs make burning your own mixes seem legit. Hand em out to friends, use em yourself, they rock.


PenAgain is probably the most ergonomic pen you will every come across. Get one for the writer in your life.



LighTalk is a pen that you can scan and display your drawings with the LED motion display. Check it out, it looks awesome.


Inductive Truck has an optical sensor that follows a black line drawn on paper.


Freeline Skates are like two mini skateboards for each foot. Check out the videos, looks like a good time.


Animal Gauze Masks will make even the most painful surgery seem like playtime!


Smittens are walking mittens for friends and lovers. If these don't score you extra points with the girl I don't know what will.



Furoshiki-shiki Bag is made out of one sheet of vinyl film that folds up into a bag. Very trendy & different.


Tucano Neoprene Laptop Cases are a cheap and soft way to protect your powerbook from scratches and dings.


Shop online for the best in sterling silver jewelry. Find a huge variety of styles from bracelets to earrings and pendants. Whatever silver jewelry you want you can order at discount prices or order wholesale for resale purposes.


04:21 PM on 12.01.05
The Author

I'm too lazy to create any more images, but I have to add these two books of found things that practically anyone would enjoy.

Post Secret ($17)

Found Magazine (Issues $5, book $11)

12:48 AM on 12.02.05

I bought smittens and they are the best thing eeeeeeeeeever!

05:17 AM on 12.03.05

holy crap I'm buying one of those bean plant things RIGHT NOW.

I want to buy 5 000 so I can get them personalized :(

I don't have $50 000 though... le sad

sueanne lineberger
09:41 AM on 12.03.05

Hey so can you the narrow the list down so I know what to send my favorite son!

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