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The project I have been alluding to and soliciting volunteers for, IS LAUNCHING TODAY.

The simplest way to explain it is from the Podbop Info page:
Old way: Looking up concerts in your town on an event site, googling 100 different bands, tracking down an MP3 for each band, and then deciding which show you want to go to.
The Podbop way: Type in a city, get MP3s, discover a band you like, and go see them.

Daniel Westermann-Clark and I are music lovers. We created this website to expose new bands and create new fans. You can listen to the mp3s for your city on the page itself or take it with you in a podcast feed. We support every city in the world.

Podbop is a mashup (we're going to Mashup Camp!). We use the Eventful API (remember my glowing review about them?) and mash it up with our own database we have built up over the past 5 months.

The power is really in the people. Podbop will get exponentially more useful if you help out. No events for your city? Register on Eventful and add some; it's easy! Got a band with mp3s? Add it to our database (and add your shows to eventful).

I hope you enjoy Podbop. Thank you to all who have helped out listing bands and supporting us. I really appreciate it. Tell all your friends. Bookmark on and Digg. Email your grandmother!


Chris Radcliff
12:47 PM on 02.15.06

Yeee-ha! I can't wait to finally tell the world about Podbop.

Oh, and I'm totally voting for it in the Best Mashup contest.

12:51 PM on 02.15.06

Podbop, a new mashup by Taylor McKnight and Daniel Westermann-Clark, provides a new way to get to know bands before their concerts. Read more in Spotted in the Wild: Podbop »

Different Mark
01:42 PM on 02.15.06

Congrats, yo!

02:39 PM on 02.15.06

YAY, It's Podbop day! I am happy to see you finally launch it after all that hard work. It's a great idea, congrats to you and daniel for making it happen. I'll be adding bands again in the near future I'm sure :) Love you <3

02:50 PM on 02.15.06

Podbop, bidi dapa doo wop
Doo bi dapa doo bop
Bidi dapa doo. yeah, yeah.

Tommy D
03:32 PM on 02.15.06

Now thats f@$<in' cool

04:49 PM on 02.15.06

very nice!

11:13 PM on 02.15.06

Hell yeah -- love the simple design and colors of the site. It's clean, yo. This thing is gonna be huge.

11:18 AM on 02.16.06

Yay, London girl here, so pleased its not just a US thing, nice work, good luck and congrats!

11:48 AM on 02.16.06

Great job, for sure the best mashup I've seen...I mean damn, I'm actually planning on using it more than once! Great design, too...maybe we'll run into each other at camp.

01:50 AM on 02.21.06

Good to see this up finally!

Have fun at Mashup Camp

Tracy Sheridan
04:11 PM on 02.24.06

Fun meeting you and the boys at Mashup Camp (Yahoo! party). Congrats on the win! I've blogged about it, and will gladly send fellow music lovers in my network everywhere to Podbop. Great stuff.

Perceptric Forum
12:45 AM on 03.11.06

Everything old is new again. Eventful is a new San Diego company just puffed by Business2.0. You want to organize an event so...

Read more in There are no better ideas than old ideas. »

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