Project 365: 2006 Recap

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My second Project 365 is now complete. Check it out on Flickr. My first Project 365 was in 2004 [and recap].

Walks on the beach, silhoutting, poker nights, part-part-part-time at the Alligator, Kaela's navel ring, gymnastics, Vishal teaching me how to silkscreen, launching Podbop, winning Mashup Camp in San Francisco, SXSW Interactive and Music, The Hilton for 10 days, movies at The Hipp, shows, undie run 3, Jimbo Wales (of wikipedia), that painting I want from The Top, photo romps around Gainesville, pudding wrestling, drinking @ Bernies, Chirag's support, Florida Music Festival, Scrabble, flying to San Jose to speak at the Net Squared conference (about mashups), being jealous of Kaela's laptop, Podbop getting lots of press, trips to Boca, running stadiums, Superman IMAX in Tampa, coin snatching with my dad, Kaela's first job, more shows, Mexico, Muay Thai fights, tiger taming, swimsuiting Thomas' room, Gator football, best birthday present, Emily Haines and pancakes in NYC, moving on from UF, taking a job at Gawker Media, undie run 4, paying off college loans, interviewing bands for Podbop Blog, CMJ in NYC, amazing apartments, a mix tape party, an evening with CJ Boyd, indoor skydiving and spending the holidays with family.

Photos with...
People (anybody but me/bands): 110
Out of state: 53
Kaela (including any body part): 46
Bands: 42
Me: 30
Animals: 14
Food: 11
Podbop: 7

Some of my favorites:
January 3 January 14 January 15 January 16 February 19 March 21 March 25 April 7 April 9 April 22 May 27 June 5 June 17 June 20 June 26 July 5 July 30 August 20 September 17 September 18 October 15 November 3 November 19 November 20 December 2 December 18 December 28

I'm not doing it for 2007 (I took a year off after the first one too) but I might pick it up for 2008. I'd really like to spend 2007 concentrating on honing my creative vision a bit more. More concentrated series. I'm making it a small goal to get into a gallery someday (nothing too fancy, but nonetheless). In my first P365 I was trying to learn the limits of my Kodak LS420, and upgraded to a Canon Rebel XT during 2005. This P365 let me spend time learning the limits and explore the features my fancy DSLR has. By having full manual control (I leave it on that 95% of the time) I learned how exposure time, aperture and ISO can affect my photos.

I'd really like to thank my friends, family, and most of all Kaela for helping me get through another Project 365. I couldn't have done it without your motivation (and being such good subjects).

If you are doing your own, I encourage you to check out My tips to do your own that I wrote for Photojojo as well as the Project 365 Flickr Group (with 363 members on last count!). You didn't have to start on January 1st either, people join the 365 group every day! So if you are interested, start right now. Flickr makes it a breeze.

If you have comments, you can leave them on the flickr photoset comment page.