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My photolog from January to August 2005

Project 365

One photo. Everyday. For an entire year during 2004.

Project 365 logoI took a photograph every single day during 2004. This was my first real commitment to learning more about photography and becoming better. Ironically, 2004 was a leap year, so there was actually 366 photos!

Photo Albums

Documenting memories while traveling the world.

London & Paris: September 2005

My mom on a seine cruise with the Eiffel TowerMy mom and I spent 2 weeks traveling in NYC, London and Paris. We saw the sights, ate the eats and had a blast. Also see the Flickr Set for my favorites.

Los Angeles and Coachella: April 29th to May 6th 2004

My shadow overlaying Michael Jackson's Hollywood StarI attended the two day festival with my friend Stephanie where we battled the desert heat during the day and rocked all night to the sounds of Radiohead, Cure, Flaming Lips, just to name a few. The lovely Serena took me in for a few days afterwards. She was really the highlight of my trip, and I can't wait to see her again.

Mexico: Spring Break 2004

A rooster running on the sidewalkI went to go visit my mom, stepdad, and sister in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They moved there after I graduated high school and love it. I was completely dependent on my sister for the entire week because of her fluency in spanish. I really love the food and laid back attitude Mexico has and have considered moving there.

San Diego: September 2003

Panda bears at the San Diego ZooMy Mom spent a few months out in San Diego working. I visited her for about a week seeing things like the San Diego Zoo, fantastic coffee shops and my first visit to a casino!

Chicago: June 14th to July 8th, 2003

Maureen in front of the Chicago skylineA three week long trip to visit friends and family. There were LAN parties, Audioblogging, Museums and even Summerfest (in Milwaukee). Maureen even flew up to accompany me on the drive home.

University of Florida, Gainesville

Century Tower on the Unversity of Florida  CampusA quick tour around the campus I have called home for over 4 years. Florida Field, the Reitz Union, students jay-walking, its all here.

Me, Myself, The Vain: December 2003

Taylor in a jean jacketA photoshoot with myself for no apparent reason. Featuring such classics as the kisser, the stare, and the tay.


All these photos were taken by me, unless otherwise noted, with the following:
  • Canon Rebel XT Camera
    Canon Rebel XT
  • Kodak LS 420 Camera
    Kodak LS 420
  • Nokia 6230 Camera Phone
    Nokia 6230