About Me

I stink?I've been running gtmcknight.com since July 2002. Blogging has made me friends, gotten me jobs and satisfied my inner need for expression. I am an entrepreneur & web developer living in Gainesville, Florida. I enjoy brainstorming, trying new things & doing things that don't feel like work.

I can be reached at . If you take the time to write me, I will take the time to write you back.


I currently spend my time making The Hype Machine & SCHED* rock.

I've worked at University of Florida Web Administration (3/04 - 10/06) & Gawker Media (3/06 - 7/07) as a lead front-end web developer and designer.

I founded Podbop (Oct 2005 with Daniel Westermann-Clark), Chime.TV (Jan 2007) and SCHED* (Mar 2008) with Chirag Mehta

I've spoken at conferences & my projects have been mentioned in old-media like CNN, CBS, & The Chicago Tribune and new-media like Wired, TechCrunch, Daily Candy & Inside The Net.


I listen to music from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep. It is an important part of my life. My dream is to perform on stage someday (just once), but I should probably get some talent and/or learn how to play guitar first. Until then I play journalist at festivals like CMJ Music Marathon, Athens Popfest & SXSW Music.

I've been obsessively keeping track of what I'm listening to since 2003 on my profile at Last.FM. I've also been enjoying what MTV must have been like before all the reality shows with Chime.TV's Indie Music Video Channel.


I love photography because it lets you show others how you see the world. My work has appeared in newspapers and magazines. My goal is to have my work in a gallery someday.

I've completed Project 365's (1 photo a day) in 2004 and 2006. Since then I've written tips on how to do your own and started a Flickr Group for others to participate (over 5,000 members).

check out my photography on flickr.com

Friends & Family

Sometimes I feel like an old man saying this, but people really are all that matter. Without Sueanne, Gil, Lottie, Myles, Jenoa, Kaela, Chirag, Anthony, Scott, Thomas, Daniel, Marvin, Al, Ben, Brett, Michael, Julian & others I would be nothing.

Stuff I Love

TED Talks, Dragonfly Rolls-n-Bowls, Good Magazine, minimalisim, exotic bottles of water, Moleskins, concerts, festivals, The Gelato Company, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Dreamers, Lost In Translation, Four Eyed Monster, Topographic Bookmarklet, Emily Haines voice, Kurt Vonnegut's wit, Ze Frank's humor, 10+ minute long songs, bacon & mushroom thin-crust pizza, good headphones, records, new cities, dark beer.

Moments of Bliss

Getting my first Mac, Canopy Tour in Mexico, Podbop winning Mashup Camp 1, every SXSW, John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats performance at Athens Popfest 2006, being in love, Kaela giving me an iPod, pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Company with Scott, trips to NYC, 4 hour performance with CJ Boyd, photo shoots with my dad, The New Music Ensemble at Grand Valley State University performing Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians @ Bang On A Can Marathon at 5am as the sun rose behind them.

Redesigns Over The Years

I've been too busy to do a real redesign these days, so I usually just take an existing Tumblr theme and modify it to my liking. It's powered by Tumblr, which makes blogging a pleasure (but a tad less customizable). You can still browse my archives of blog entries since July 2002.

gtmcKnight.com v1 (circa 2002) gtmcKnight.com v2 (circa 2003) gtmcKnight.com v3 (circa 2004) gtmcKnight.com v5 (circa 2005) gtmcKnight.com v5 (circa 2006) gtmcknight.com v6

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