About Stealing These Buttons

It all began on October 22, 2002 when Jeremy Hedley posted the the original offering of buttons. I, as many others, were infatuated with these for quite some time and begun collecting as many as I could. Eventually my website became the depository for all things STB. The administration backend, which allows me to stay sane while keeping a database of 3700+ buttons, was written by Jason Bergeman. You can see the creators of all these fabulous buttons on the Authors Page.

For other buttons check out: Terrababy's Animated Buttons, GWTMedia's IP Address Buttons, Freestyle Buttons.

Making Your Own

There are many resources available to make your own button. Adam Kalsey has a Button Maker and Pierre has a more robust one which are basically web GUIs for Bill Zeller's script. The official font of STB is 6px Silkscreen (by Jason Kottke). It is best when aliasing is turned off in Photoshop. Once you have your button all nice 'n shiny head over to the Upload Form.

But You Said Steal..

Steal These Buttons is meant to be a place to collect buttons for display on your own website. Contrary to the name, I'd appreciate it if you didn't "steal" my bandwidth by hotlinking directly to the image. Please right-click and save to your own server.