Matthew Andre Brown

January 2, 1978 - August 10, 2008


Ned or Matt or Matthew, he was loved by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

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Matt played in many bands including Flight 121, Loyal Frisby and his own personal projects Witness The Fitness and Erhabe Drift.

Matt's unreleased album:

Witness The Fitness - Miracle Lake 0688 - Someday I Will Forget Everything

Extra Tracks

Witness The Fitness (Final Show) Matthew Andre Brown Matthew Andre Brown March 4

Nursing Graduate

Matt graduated from Santa Fe's Nursing Program in May 2008


Incredible endurance and a love for all things cycling Matt rode his bike across town and across the country. His final trip was completed a month before he passed in an astounding feat. His words: "Tickets are bought: one way to Fairbanks. About 3400 miles total. Bringing a dog and a guitar."

"A one-time University of Florida student who worked at UF between band gigs is missing and presumed drowned in a lake in the Canadian Rockies." - Gainesville Sun

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Words of Love

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Michele_StB • 2015 just thinking about you and all the good times in Gainesville. i think of you often. you were gone way too soon.
Alan Mills • 2014 Thinkin' about you, buddy. Miss your laugh.
Paul and More • 2014 thinking about you. Love
Berini_s2 • 2011 I was one of the last people to mmet him. I met him at waterfowl lake and bow lake on the parkway. He was a nice chap to talk to. Asa local , I warned him of the dangers of the bow lake area, but he wanted to experience it. really, who can blame him, with all that's beauty. I enjoyed my hours talking to him.when he left upper waterfowl lake, he asked my husband and I to stop, and he said"iam never going to see this sight again." sadly, he was right.
Al Kirby • 2011 You da man Ned!!!! Miss you dearly.
dave • 2010 Miss you and think of you often. Living with you was a good lesson in balancing duties with fun, and the importance of always trying to inject the latter into the former.
gvillepunk • 2009 ned,

i never really knew you as a "friend" although you would always go out of your way to talk to me and be friendly to me. you would even sense when i was down about something (you did that outside of the old common grounds one night and i will never forget it). you would offer friendly advice and a slightly smelly hug :) which was greatly appreciated. you were always (and still are) a huge inspiration to me musically ever since i saw your first show as "witness the fitness". i still talk about you all the time to kids that never had the opportunity to meet you or know you... telling anybody who will listen about that "one guy who can play tap harmonics so beautifully on the guitar that it sounds like an entirely new instrument". i remember you telling me that you had just about figured out all of the parts to a rendition of the "Moonlight Sonata" that you were working out on the guitar.... i would have loved to have heard it. i wish i had known you better. you are an inspiration to me and i will never forget you, ever.
paulschmidt • 2009 Matt,
As usual, you are a source of never-ending inspiration. Amanda and I have taken the fabric that you put in the display cases at the bike shop and we are making pillows to go in the baby's crib. I know it's not much, but it makes us feel closer.
Beckie (Allen) Rivas • 2009 A year. My dearest friend has been watching me from a far for a year. I am so proud to have been a part of your life Ned. Thank you for teaching me how I want to live mine. I love you.
paulschmidt • 2009 Matt,
I still think about you often. Today is filled with memories of how awesome you are.
Jonathan Parish • 2008 I knew matt as ned. we were very close friends for a couple of years. he influenced me heavily in life and threw music. His determination still inspires me to push myself as hard as i can with song writing or any other creative endeavor. I think of him often. (I think I ruined my singing voice permanently trying to sound like him when I was younger). Thanks ned for everything. I wish I could still call you up for advice or just too bullshit and tell you I am going to be in town. . . "design desires I would not dream, believe that they could support me" - ned
maya • 2008 still thinking and missing you...
Beckie (Allen) Rivas • 2008 Oh my dearest Nedels how I miss you so! I sit here listening to your beautiful life picked out in synchronous harmony on a guitar and I weep. My life will never be the same. I am thankful for every moment we spent together growing into the people we would be one day. One who lived his life by his own accord, savoring every incredible second and one who is grateful to have been allowed to watch. I love you.

mike • 2008 hey matt...its crazy to think you're gone feels like you're still around, thats what great people do....they leave a trace and influence on others....thanks for being a friend to everyone and true musical inspiration...gainesville loves you
Dave Wilson • 2008 This man lived a full life, thank you very much for sharing this view of his life. He will forever remain young.

Dave Wilson
Wdmonton, Alberta
Matt McCallister • 2008 Matt I miss ya buddy. You always lifted my spirits when i saw ya.
Fuzz -Bloomingdale C/O 1995 • 2008 I met Matt before he was Ned when we were both 14 and his family moved down the street. Even though it's been more than a decade since we last talked I am so saddened to hear he's gone. Ned was one the the most genuine people i've met to date. I was there when he "acquired" his first bass and can't help but smile to think about the countless hours he spent banging around on that thing with passion and determination. I feel lucky to have known him in a time that was so influential to the person he would become. He will be missed and the spirit would is lucky to have him.
Alexia Szabo • 2008 My heart goes out to Ned's family, Heather and loved ones... I'm truly honored to have known him and will forever be grateful for the memories and impact he had in my life. I will never forget him. Thank you for posting his beautiful songs and pictures from his trip, I'm glad he spent his last days here with us in paradise.
Sarah • 2008 I'd like to think the fortune teller's right.
That all we are is stardust.
Recombined then,
could you not float down from the sky?

You are sorely missed dear friend...always will a small part of me hope to spy you face as I turn the corner.
alex • 2008 We will miss Ned!! Here are some tour pictures of Ned with The Know How in 2003 on tour in Canada. rest in peace buddy. I'll keep the B.C. Rich alive.
thomas salvatore • 2008 Definitely one of the friendliest people I've had the pleasure of hanging out with on several occasions.
I remember semi-freaking out when I saw you on a teaser for Made. I called Tom Jones immediately to confirm.

You were definitely an adventurer.
angelina bernardini • 2008 i forgot that photograph was taken on my porch, matt and i in the top center. look how young we all are, remember the nights/mornings of mid-georgia rescue? coked-up ultimate frisbee (sorry to any parents)? games of dare at bars to kiss cute girls? passing out drunk in vans? sweating in the georgia/florida heat? the constant endless dancing that always ensued....and for jordan, matt and myself we will never forget the bonfire at tybee.

matt left the band and moved to nyc, our friendship grew stronger. matt moved back to gainesville, i moved to the uk, our friendship grew even stronger. 4 years later i move back to america. my transcontinental flight with no sleep and hardly any from before boarding it the night before finally touches down. atlanta 2006. the first thing i do i rent a car and drive to florida and the only thing that kept me awake was knowing i could put my arms around him soon.

there's so many, too many details that are not included, but you get the idea. distance was not our weakness (hell, my brief and terrible marriage wasn't either) it was our strength. we seemed to find the experience that one of us was lacking in the other could provide in abundance.

the saved texts, saved voicemails that we'd show and play for each other upon reuniting. the random calls "i'm at a friends' birthday party for their daughter and i'm prompted to think about what an amazing mother you'll be to our childeren" or promises of "next christmas" we'd do it together.

i always had a penchant for quoting lyrics or snippets from poems, matt never paid much attention to words. in trying to think at which time would be the most appropriate, that in itself is something that is ever changing, i seem to have only one thing come to mind: "i'll break this bottle and think of you fondly"

i loved him so much more than he or anyone who ever knew me could of ever forseen.
rob harris • 2008 omigod. i never knew matt well even though i met him and had some lively debates with him online about politics. i had the honor and privilege of playing an acoustic show with him once at common grounds, and just shaking his hand and introducing myself and looking into his eyes made me realize that he was somebody that i wish i had gotten to know better, and less confrontationally.

much love and prayers to him, his family, and his friends.

rob harris
Amy • 2008 It is not often that one comes across a spirit as strong as yours Matt. A few of the many things that will stay in my heart forever about you: Your laughter (even during the most boring of class lectures, you could make us laugh), your care free attitude (you would walk in for check-offs cool and collective unlike us nervous freaks!), your character (I never heard you talk a negative word about anyone. You kept it all on a positive note), your love for adventure (not many people can say they lived their lives to the fullest-you have done more in your 30 years than most do in a lifetime). You lived your life to the beat of a different drum, your own. You were not a follower but an adventurer that would not let anything or anyone stop you from achieving all of your dreams. I do believe you lived each day as if it were your last. What a better world this would be if we could all do the same. You spirit will live on in all of the lives that you have touched. You will be greatly missed Matt. Until we meet again.....Amy Monk (one of your fellow SFCC nursing grads)
Angelica • 2008 You were the coolest, most awesomest cat around. :) You had the smile and laugh that could light up a room and a hug that had the power to lift your spirits the entire day. Your passion for life and nursing was infectious as was your energy and ability to bring positive energy to a situation. Your drive was admireable and your compassion and integrity was one of a kind. You'll be in our hearts forever friend and you will be missed everyday. Wherever you are, I am sure you are making someone smile.
Kaela Hill • 2008 Ned,
Not a day goes past where I don't think of you. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
Doug C • 2008 We miss you Matt!
Maya • 2008 Matt, you brought so much beauty to this world. We are very lucky to have been part of your life and will carry on that beauty you shared with us. I still remember the first time I saw you the first day of nursing school. You had so much energy, so looking forward to that next phase of our lives, with such an infectious laugh. You shared your music with me between lectures and felt humbled just listening to your music. Your very presence brought calmness in me. I will miss you so much.
Sandy • 2008 Matt,

You would always smile! It would make me smile! You always had a very friendly aura and you were always very laid back.
I remember convention in 2007 counting pennies, oh what a job! But you kept everything under control!

You were so determined, and all of us nursing students that are completing our last year will remember how hard you worked with compassion and care of others. This will push us through nursing school. Because it is not often you meet a person like you Matt.

I certainly will never forget you.

Love love love,

Heather Kirby • 2008 To die completely, a person must not only forget but be forgotten, and he who is not forgotten is not dead. -- (Samuel Butler)

You'll always have a special place in my heart. You are so much to so many. We'll always love you buddy!!

Big Al (father of lil Al) • 2008 It is sad, but we, the survivors learn from it so he did us all one last favor. A good friend for sure.
Jackie Davison • 2008 Here's some other information going around (feel free to delete this post if the site is updated)

A memorial bike ride for Matt has been announced for this Saturday in Gville. Info from a good friend of Ned's:

I am organizing a memorial bike ride for Matts friends this sat the 16th at 2pm beginning at the Hippodrome state theater proceeding on to on the Hawthorne trail and back.

The ride is expected to stay together until the entrance of Boulware Springs State Park at which point several groups may form.

If you plan on participating here is some helpful info to keep the ride trouble free for you; Bring at least two 20oz bottles of water. the ride is a little over 35 mi. in the middle of the day during the hottest month if the year.and you will most likely finish both bottles before reaching hawthorne where you can get more water in the town or from a spigot.

Also bring some food; A few cookies and a PB&J sandwich will do, a spare tube and a pump or a friend with one, and a cell phone.

please note that this ride is not shaparoned and taking my advice could make the difference between a fun ride and an afternoon of toil and roaming cell phone minute usage. I hope to see you there.

Thank you,
Alexis Dold

Dear friends,
Those of us who formed The Kickstand two years ago did so with the intent of building a project that used bicycles as a vehicle to give our neighbors and peers an opportunity to work together and draw us closer as a community.
Some of you may have joined The Kickstand because you wanted to become an active citizen or because you were new to the area and wanted to connect-with the city, with people, or with the project. Whatever the reason that you sought out The Kickstand, I hope that you have found a sense of community here.

And as a part of the Gainesville community, many of you knew Matthew Andre Brown as a musician, a friend, and a fellow cyclist with indefatigable gusto and incredible talent.

Those of you who knew Matt may have received the heartbreaking phone call on Monday or may have read the news in the Gainesville Sun yesterday morning. To all of us, it came as a shock: while kayaking on Bow Lake at Num-ti-Jah Lodge in Alberta, Canada on Saturday afternoon, Matt disappeared during a thunderstorm. A search party ensued, but was called off after two days. He is presumed to have drowned.

Matt had been on a cross-country cycling tour with my friend Heather, and the stop in Banff had been a brief sojourn from their route.

Heather Pugh, who grew up in Gainesville, was a local musician in the band Pari Passu and later worked at Uppercrust Productions and Satchel's Pizza. Heather moved to San Francisco in 2006, but has stayed close to her hometown. In December, Heather told me that she was planning a four thousand mile bicycle tour from the Alaskan interior to Portland, Oregon. Soon after, Matt decided to join.

In early June, Matt and Heather left for Fairbanks, Alaska along with two touring bicycles and Heather's Jack Russel Terrier, Nubis. Their route would take them through the Alaskan wilderness on sparsely traveled logging roads and in breach of civilization for days at a time. Despite this, Matt and Heather both mused on the beauty and serenity of their journey, and by early last week they had made it to Banff-nearly to the border-far ahead of schedule. I was eagerly anticipating their arrival in Missoula within the week.

As a cycling community, some of you who are part of The Kickstand may have had the opportunity to participate in a tour, cycled with a team or traveled with a friend. The bond that forms between two traveling companions-tested by proximity, threatened by indecision, and strengthened by the absolute need to trust-may be the most fierce and enduring relationship one can foster in a lifetime. To lose that traveling companion and friend is undoubtedly one of the most painful losses one can survive.

Heather had been working overtime--three jobs in order to save money in the months leading up to the trip; those of you who have traveled may relate that the decision to do so is rarely opportunistic-rather, many of us have traded everything for the chance to test our strength. Heather does not have a home or employment awaiting her in San Francisco; she gave up those things for this tour:

"I think it is a necessity, all of what we’re doing; quitting jobs and leaving apartments and friends and family. It is good to get out into the middle of something so unfamiliar and deal with it, push forward and learn. It is depressing to think that so many people will never do anything like this, they’ll never get out and see what’s out there, explore, get adventurous. So many people...say that they wish they would have done something similar when they were younger. Others say they could never do what we’re doing, I think mainly because of all the cars and big trucks that get close on the shoulder, or perhaps because of the hills, but i try to convince people that anybody can do it".
I have known Heather since I began working with her at Uppercrust three years ago. I met Matt soon after because he would come into the bakery (looking grungy and defiantly pushing his muddied bicycle through the store) to visit Heather. I know them both as fiercely passionate, determined, and intensely kind. Though some of you know Heather, or may have hung out on the Gainesville scene and perhaps chanced upon one of Matt's shows or happened into the bakery long ago, I know that many of you may only have heard of their trip when you opened the newspaper yesterday morning.
However, I believe that there endures a sense of community regardless of whether you knew Matt or Heather personally, and I would like to extend this email to all of you. If you are financially able, please consider contributing something to send to Heather as she attempts to sort through the unexpected events of the past week and regain some sense of stability after the loss of her touring companion and in the wake of an early return.
The Kickstand list serve has over three hundred members. If each of you were to contribute a dollar--less than it costs to buy a cup of coffee--it would pay for Heather's trip back to San Francisco, a months' rent, her mom's airfare, or a plane ticket back to Gainesville--where Matt's memorial service is to be held.
Please consider contributing to a woman who is a member of our community and who has had the guts to do a tour that many of us would not dare tackle in our lifetimes; and who, in the same instant, has endured an incredible and heartbreaking loss.
You can send cash or checks to [my parents]:
Edward and August Previc
[removed contact info]
Or you can bring donations to the Kickstand during shop hours (check our website). I will send all donations directly to Heather and provide you a receipt.
Please make checks out to Heather Pugh.
Thank you all for being such a strong and supportive community.
With love,
Stephanie Previc and Andy Lieveritz

The Gainesville Community Bicycle Project
Michael Quinones • 2008 I will ride for you. <3
Al Kirby • 2008 Miss and Love ya Ned!!!!! A real, true friend.


Thanx Taylor for setting this mini site up.
cory monteiro • 2008 love you Ned! Stronger than all! -cory
Taylor McKnight Mod • 2008 Ned, you will be missed always. One of the finest cyclists, musicians and friends I have ever known.