12.31.04| The Project 365 Recap

Project 365 is officially completed. Ironically, 2004 was a leap year, so there were actually 366 photos taken (not including the one per hour on Jan 1st for the A Day In The Life sideproject

I did more this year than any year in my entire life. Amazingly enough, it was also the year I choose to take a photo a day to capture all these memories.

And now, an exhaustive list of memorable events (and photos)....

New Years Eve 2003 with KG and T$, Iffy and Tiffy, our pet gerbils (and taking them out for walks), trips to the beach, leading SIC with Marvin, Josh's amazing parties, Gasparilla, experimenting with light, dinner with this guy, viewing life from a different perspective, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, New vows of love, and broken ones (my parents got divorced), that girl, spending $100 on a pair of shoes, new desktop (that I'm still paying off), burning dvds, getting a paycheck from something that *isnt* a bike shop, going to California for Coachella, Serena, growing my hair out, Mexico (again), seeing my sister grow up, Driving to Chicago, p-p-p-powerbook, seeing Kurt Vonnegut speak, summer school, 4th of July on the roof, beating Super Mario Bros, Al, his dog, and his damn fine meals, getting my first apartment, Turning 21 and going to Vegas, First (and last) Blackout, Hurricane Season and days off, iPod Mini, Football games, One night stands, Thanksgiving with my family, rasterbating, experimenting with multiple frames, subtleness, and motion, freezing in Chicago, and time travel.

Things I've learned (and relearned) in 2004:
Relationships with people are the most important thing in life. Friends, Family, Lovers are really what it's all about.

Project 365:
Best idea ever. I love being able to look back and see my past year in photos. I've learned alot along the way about framing, lighting, perspective and timing. Thanks to all those who put up with me luggin my camera everywhere and snapping pictures of their lives as well. Sometimes its hard to pick just one photo, so here are a few of the shoots that had more than one worthwhile shot: Beach, University of Tampa Towers, Tara, Car Hover.

I decided take a year off of Project 365. I continue to post photos semidaily to POKE (my new photolog). I might pick 365 back up for 2006, who knows.